Linx 810B 8-Inch Intel Tablet Windows 10 Review

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Linx-810B-8-Inch-TabletThe Linx 810B is a great choice for people who are looking for a Tablet that can function like a Laptop or desktop computer. Having a Windows operating system makes it all the more familiar to people who have been using Windows Operating Systems on other devices. And very quickly you will feel right at home with this Tablet. Buy an external keyboard and mouse and this is basically a Windows Laptop. If you want a Linx Tablet for cheapest possible price take a look at the seven-Inch model.

The performance is mid-range to really good depending on how demanding you are. It does most things well. Games and movies run smoothly, and the Internet works without hesitation. And as long as you don’t have lots and lots of different websites / tabs open at once it will continue to run with ease. Coupled with the Atom Processor, the 1GB RAM is a little on the frugal side for a device that has such an energy sapping operating system. The 10 Inch model has 2GB RAM. However, 1GB is enough for the device to run well most of the time. But If you are too demanding with the resources there will be some lag when operating the Linx 810B under heavy usage.

Quick Specification For The 810B 8 Inch Windows Tablet

  • IPS display with 1280 x 800 resolution
  • Quad-Core Intel Atom processor
  • 1GB RAM, 32GB Hard Drive
  • 2.0MP front and rear cameras
  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • Free Office Mobile Included (Word Mobile, Excel Mobile,Power Point Mobile)
  • Bluetooth
  • Micro HDMI Port

Overall it’s a cheaper alternative to the more expensive, high performing Tablets out there including iPads, Surface etc. It’s not going to out perform any of the top Tablets in any department, but we shouldn’t expect it to for the price. Actually, have you looked at some of the reviews for the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Wow, they are seriously bad. So OK, the Linx 810B doesn’t cost as much, almost a tenth of the price of the Pro 4. But it still beats it for higher rated reviews from users!. Who’d have thought it.

It’s puts up a good fight, and people on a tight budget will be more than happy with this Tablet. Good overall performance, impressive build quality, nice sharp IPS Screen, and Windows 10, all for a cheap price. It’s not all about Apps on a Windows Tablet. With the 810B you can also install real software programs just like you can on a laptop or desktop PC. It even has different methods of operation. Use it like a Tablet or change it to a normal PC if that’s what you prefer.

If you’re looking for a Tablet that has Windows 10 already installed, the Linx 810 is one of the cheaper options. The 7 Inch model is pretty good too, but requires the user to manually upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. For the most part the upgrade process is straight forward for most people, but there are a few reports of the hard drive / storage capacity becoming close to full after the upgrade to Windows 10 has been completed.

This is because the Windows 8.1 operating system is still present on the hard drive and still taking up the space. All you have to do is clear the system files via the disk clean up utility and that should save around 6GB – 8GB of storage space. It’s an easy process, but if you don’t want to have to install anything and just want Windows 10 ready to go out the box the Linx 810B is one you should consider.

What do the reviewers say

Reviews are mostly positive. And most say that this is an excellent deal for the price. But as with most Tablets, there are a few bad reviews. Battery life seems to be the most common issue, with some people saying the battery duration isn’t all that great. Then there’s a small mix of various little niggles. Some of the reviews are a bit harsh. Some one star ratings were due to the Tablet listing being wrong. It stated that the product came with a free external keyboard when it did not. This left a bad taste in the mouths of some buyers and they decided to give it the worst rating possible. I believe the listing has now been corrected. Looking for something a bit bigger, and more a 2-in-1 hybrid? Take a look at the 1010 model.

2 thoughts on “Linx 810B 8-Inch Intel Tablet Windows 10 Review

  1. Hi Jim. Yes, both the Linx 8 and Linx 810 are 100% capable of using an external Dongle so that you can use the Tablet to access the Internet through WiFi.

    One thing to be aware of though. Depending on the USB connection type of the Dongle you want to use (Normal sized USB or Micro USB), and depending on which Linx Tablet you buy, you may have to buy a USB A 2.0 female to Micro USB B male Cable Adapter.

    It costs under £1 to buy (Around 1 Euro). Or you may need one the other way round: USB A Male to Micro USB Female Adapter if you buy a Linx Tablet that only has a Micro USB port and you want to use a Dongle that has a full sized USB connection.

    However, If you buy this exact model (810) it comes with a USB to Micro USB Cable included. Hope this helps.

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